Modern cat scratching post designed and handmade by Pets and Pods Studio in Kent, UK.


DOJO is our new product designed by our studio for demanding cats and their design-savvy humans who cannot be satisfied with mainstream pet products.


DOJO is a very stable structure firmly standing on four legs and it's built to last*. It is 67cm tall, has a reversible scratching drum topped with a 29.5cm snoozing platform lined with grey synthetic felt. Our CEO Oskar jumped on top without hesitation and stayed there until his next snack time.

Shipped flat pack with easy intuitive assembly. The packaging is biodegradable.


*Note: Dojo is designed and built specifically for domestic cats and interior use only. Humans of all ages must treat it as pet furniture and not use it to sit, stand, exercise or place those weird human objects on top.


Dimensions: width-43cm, height-67cm.


Weight: 3.3kg 

Materials: birch ply, synthetic felt, sisal material, recycled rubber dampers, metal fixings.


DOJO sisal scratching post

  • Dojo requires little if any maintenance and can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. When eventually top part of the scratcher is used to the limit the drum can be reversed by loosening up two screws holding it together and assembling it back with a 4mm hexagonal key.