Please read before adding to the Basket: This model is fully functional, doesnt have any defects and not an ex-display item. This one is from our earlier experiments and has different detailing to the main Atomo. Grooves are on the inside rather than on the outside and red rope added to cover the joint where the product is welded together. The choice of cushion is limited to white faux fur. Otherwise this product is brand new and never been used. 



"Atomo - LARGE "  - Modern Pet Bed for Cats and Small Dogs.


This cat/dog bed designed by our studio for medium-sized cats of healthy proportions and petite dogs.* 


Cat / dog bed is made from PET acoustic felt which is firm yet soft to touch. We choose this innovative material because of its properties (sound absorbing, lightweight yet strong and non-allergenic) and also for the fact that its made from recycled plastic and can be recycled again, therefore is good for environment. Surface can be cleaned with sticky paper roller or slightly damp sponge. Use little soap if necessary but try to avoid strong smelling stuff or chemicals. After cleaning dry out on open air.


Dimensions: 63 x 72 x 17cm.
Weight:3 kg with the cushion, 2.5kg without. 


We hope this little info we provided is helpful, otherwise drop us a line and we will answer all your questions! :)


* Please note, all our products including "Atomo" are not designed for kids but for domestic pets only.

Atomo - Large / Baby Blue

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