Modern cat and dog house designed and made by Pets and Pods Studio

“Muffin XL” is a new product designed by our studio for big and beautiful cats and well behaved small to medium-sized dogs. Apart from the main resting area "Muffin XL" has a raised top platform lined with natural wool felt from Yorkshire. Very useful for occasional snoozing after hard "working" day. Cushion and felt pad can be swapped around or top platform used as a side table. Try not to spill any liquids, especially coffee or wine. Wipe them off with a damp cloth as quickly as possible if you do.

"Muffin XL" comes in two practical colours, dark green and grey. We've designed two versions for you and your sophisticated pets, one with short legs and the other with long legs for high flyers. Cats would love both versions but dog owners are encouraged to find out if their doggos can jump high enough.

The main material is PET felt and we choose it for its superior sound-absorbing qualities. Very helpful when there are fireworks outside or other noisy activities and your pet want to hide somewhere safe. Or in the case of households with multiple occupants, there's always someone who wants a moment of peace.


"Muffin XL" is guaranteed to make a bold statement in any interior and most importantly provide ultimate comfort for your pet!


Materials: PET felt made from recycled plastic bottles (60%), waxed FSC poplar plywood, pine legs, polyester or acrylic cushion with a cotton shell. This cat and dog bed is available in practical grey and dark green colour with a complimentary 60cm cushion in super-soft fabric for the ultimate comfort. 


The cushion comes in 6 primary colours depending on your preference and fitted with a detachable cover for easy cleaning. Size is 60cm in diameter and about 6-7cm thick. It may compress slightly during use. Caring instructions can be found inside.


Dimensions Approximately :

  • Muffin XL with long legs: 60cm wide x 75cm high. Cushion: 60cm  ( Legs height: 31cm). Weight: 4.6kg. Entrance width: 26cm.
  • Muffin XL with short legs: 60cm wide x 59.5cm high. Cushion: 60cm (Legs height: 15cm). Weight: 4.3kg. Entrance width: 26cm.


Shipped flat pack with easy intuitive assembly. Always in biodegradable packaging.


We hope this little info we provided is helpful, otherwise drop us a line and we'll be happy to answer all your questions! :)


Please note that all our products including “Muffin" are designed to be used by domestic pets only. Avoid sitting or standing on them and keep well away from sources of fire. For interior use only.

MUFFIN XL large pet house

Colour: Dark Green
  • Synthetic felt can be vacuumed or cleaned with a sticky paper roller or slightly damp sponge. Use little soap if necessary but try to avoid strong-smelling chemicals. In our and other customers experience it is sufficient to apply running water to spot clean area in question. After cleaning dry out on open air.

    Plywood top and base are waxed and therefore water repellent. Clean them with a slightly damp cloth and make sure surfaces are completely dry before placing cushions back.

    The natural felt pad must be hand washed to avoid shrinking. Do not machine wash.

    The cushion has its own care label, please follow the guidelines.

    If in doubt about any of these get in touch with us and we will be happy to help!