Our Story

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Welcome to our Pets and Pods Studio site where we promote modern minimalist pet furniture designed and made in our studio in Kent, UK.

Here's our story in a nutshell :)

Like a lot of other companies out there we started our journey by trying to create an attractive and comfortable house for our cat. Something that would look and feel different from mass produced stuff that populates the shelves of our pet stores. So we combined our knowledge in architecture, design, carpentry and retail and started drawing, cutting, welding, making phone calls etc. to craft pet furniture that we would be happy to have around our house. After many months of rigorous testing (no pets were injured or upset and afterwards generously rewarded :) we were happy to present our designs to general public and launched first collection during London Design Festival 2019. Some designs have made it to the present day and even won modest awards and some, as expected, were not that successful. Lessons learned and drawings updated and after all those years of hard work we can finally offer our products to you, design savvy , pet loving forward looking individuals who value their habitat and just like us want to see more interesting pet furniture solutions.

As main material we use thick PET felt that is strong yet soft to touch. Made from recycled plastic bottles it has superior acoustic properties and contains no chemical binders. It doesn't smell, hypoallergenic, easy to clean and if damaged products could be repaired or recycled and made into something useful again. Because of its properties our products are popular with owners with multiple pets as there's always someone in the household who wants a moment of peace and quiet.

Apart from our main collection we offer customized pet products so if you are after an odd shape or colour get in touch with us and we'll be happy to find a solution for you and your furriend!

Thank you for your time!

Team Pets&Pods Studio :)