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DOJO 2 is a stylish and practical combination of the cat scratching post and observation tower (or snoozing platform, depending on the mood). 

DOJO 2 has a generous 65 cm sisal scratching drum topped up with a 40 cm lounger lined with 100% wool felt. A heavy birch plywood base is keeping the whole structure stable and able to withstand the most serious side jumps. Natural sisal material looks provocative enough to trigger your cat's instincts to climb, scratch and explore while keeping your sofa intact. Shipped flat-pack DOJO 2 can be assembled within minutes and guaranteed to withstand an impact of very itchy claws! The sisal drum is reversible and can be replaced or repaired if necessary. Get in touch if you need more information.


Note: DOJO 2 modern scratching post is designed and built specifically for domestic cats and interior use only. Humans of all ages must treat it as pet furniture and not use it to sit, stand, exercise or place those weird human objects on top. 


Dimensions: base width-59 cm, total height-78 cm. Height to the top platform-70 cm.


Weight: 6kg.

Materials: waxed poplar and birch ply, synthetic felt, PET felt, wool felt, sisal material, recycled rubber dampers, metal fixings.

DOJO 2 scratching post

£255.00 Regular Price
£216.75Sale Price


Expected to be delivered after a month after purchased.
  • DOJO 2 requires little if any maintenance and can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or slightly damp cloth. Use a 4 mm hex key to reverse or replace the scratching drum. Get in touch if you need any assistance.

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